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Gwen has been adopted!

Sponsored with love by Chelsey and Phillip, in celebration of their upcoming wedding.




Our family is having the pleasure of getting to know Miss Gwen. To say she is perfect would be an understatement! She is a petite, gentle, loving dog who showers everyone with kisses!

Gwen was found as a stray running in a cornfield. Although Gwen is not her name, she responds to it, coming when called. When she arrived she made herself right at home, finding her favorite spot at the top of the stairs.

Gwen loves the outdoors, walks well on a leash, and adores the adventures of walking and exploring in the forest. She is not crazy about dog food, and it seems her favorite human food is a ham sandwich!

Gwen sleeps through the night as long as she is nestled beside someone tucked in bed beside them. She is a very social dog who loves everyone and everything. She is great with our cats and loves to visit the neighbour’s dog. We have nicknamed her Gorgeous Gwen and call her GG for short.
She is the best!



Gwen was lovingly fostered by Brenda.