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Gus has been adopted!

Gus / Male / German Shepherd – Hound mix / 62 lbs / 10 yrs old / Adoption fee: $300.00


Gus is a total Gentleman, Hound/Shepard cross, approx. 10 years old, 62lbs. He has an amazingly gentle, sweet personality! He will become one of your family members overnight with unwavering loyalty as he loves people.  He thrives on attention and truly wants to be a lap dog.  The hound in him keeps him active on his walks which he loves and he will make a superior companion dog!

Gus is unsure of new surroundings which comes out in an insistent personality.   Understanding shelter dog’s history is sometimes impossible and Gus needs patience and understanding.  Once he learns that he can trust you and the fact that the food and water will be plentiful from now on he starts to relax.

He does best in his crate, as he feels secure and safe and sleeps all night until you wake him in the morning.  He loves to sleep in!

He is learning to be respectful on leash, to be polite on his walks.  It is hard though with that “hound nose”, smelling all the interesting things.  We are working on “positive reinforcement” training and he responds well to praise or treats. 

Gus is learning about house rules and manners.  He thinks he’s as little dog in a big boy’s body.  His house training is coming along, but he is challenged on how to tell you he needs to go outside.  Understanding his signals doesn’t take long though!  Respecting your space and not pushing his way through everything is hard because he gets “happy” and bounces.  He is a big strong boy but doesn’t jump or use his mouth to express his excitement but rather leans into you for his “daily hug quota”! 

He gets along well with other dogs and is alittle timid with overly excitable puppies. He is curious about cats but has not had the opportunity to spend some time with them.  He is good with children though due to his size and strength, younger children would not be recommended.

Gus responds well to everyone who wants to give him attention. He is vocal when he is nervous and unsure of his surroundings.  He shows no toy or food aggression.

What a wonderful family dog this handsome boy will be with some patience, a calm environment and training.  He has those beautiful soulful eyes that pull you in wanting to get to know him!

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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