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Gus has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Mabel



To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each puppy adoption fee will go towards these programs.

Meet Gus! Gus is a Northern pup which means he is a mixed breed – although he looks and has the personality of a Husky mix. Gus has a beautiful coat of fluffy and thick fur.

Gus is super playful and loves to play fetch with the foster family’s cat. He is very curious and is always looking for his next toy. Gus is not too happy on a leash – however, we have been working hard to get him accustomed to it. Gus loves chewing on everything, so many toys and teething toys are necessary to keep him happy. When Gus is not playing or chewing on his toys he is snuggled up in blankets or on your lap napping – I’d say this is his favourite activity.

Gus will need a patient family who will train him as he still isn’t fully potty trained. Gus uses puppy pads but sometimes has accidents.
Gus would be perfect in a home with another dog as he loves to play and snuggle up to his foster family’s husky.

If you are looking for a snuggly, playful puppy, Gus is the one for you!

Gus was lovingly fostered by Leila