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Gunner(son) has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Lucy, Otis and Lennon, our LOL troupe❤️🐾



Gunner(son) is an energetic 18 mth. old Labrador mix from Tennessee. Although small for his breed, he has a talent for jumping much higher than most dogs his size. He is 35 lbs.

Before crossing the border and becoming a Canadian, Gunner(son) was vetted, dewormed, vaccinated and received Simparica prevention. Neuter surgery was completed. He was also micro-chipped and can be registered by his new owners on the system. He will be an incredible companion for his forever family, being very affectionate and extremely gentle.

Gunner(son) is athletic and loves to be outside with lots of zoomies in backyard. He likes to chase a ball. He has no difficulties meeting people or other dogs. He has no fear of traffic on his twice daily walks, however he will need some work on his not-pulling and heeling skills. Gunner(son) is a confident young dog with lots of puppy still in him and he does not demonstrate any aggression.

Crates are not Gunner(son)’s favourite thing. Although he traveled well on transport, he refuses to be confined at bedtime. Consequently he is currently bedmates with his foster parents! He has not been tested for separation anxiety but has not shown that tendency. He is a shadow puppy, preferring to be in the same room as his people. Gunner(son) has recently counter-surfed and he will need help around this issue.

Still lots of puppy in him, Gunner(son) can be quite goofy when playing with toys as long he is engaged. He is getting the knack of a treat ball. A good eater, Gunner(son) is not picky about his food and does not show any food protection. He will be food driven when training. He travels well in the car.