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Gunner has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Grace Brodsky’s birthday by her adoring canine grandchildren.


Hi! My name is Gunner.

If there was an Olympics for dogs, I’m pretty sure I would win gold medals in a few events. I am super duper fast. Add in something to chase like loud/fast moving animals and objects and I go turbo fast. The pesky squirrels better watch out. I am respectful of cat friends though!

I love to swim, especially on a nice hot day. I love the warmer weather and cooling off by swimming or drinking for the garden hose like a 80’s child are a couple of my favourite ways to cool off. I bet if I could learn how to ride a bicycle, I would be a great triathlete with my fast running and love of swimming.

When it comes to obedience, I have a few commands down pat! Some commands I know are sit, down, stay, come, nicely, and I have fabulous recall.

In addition to my Olympic level talents, there are other great things about like I am loyal, affectionate and playful (I specially love toys that squeak). I love to cuddle on the couch and the bed with my favourite people. I can’t resist my favourite blanket. I chew and knead it as a get cozy and snuggly. I enjoy sharing my home with other dogs and cats and small animals but would also be fine as an only pet.

While there some many great things about me, there are a couple things I am still working on. Nobody’s perfect, right? But I am all about self improvement and I am hoping my forever family will help me be the best I can be. I do have herding instincts and these instincts come out most when new people come into my space. If I feel anxious or unsure, I will try and control the situation by herding around feet, including nipping at ankles. I need lots of reassurance when meeting new people and like to know my people have the situation under control. I am also reactive on walks but I have been working on loose-lead/treat-reinforcement.

My ideal home is one without young children due to my herding instincts and also a calm and quiet home with a fenced in yard. Did I mention, I love to run and chase so a yard would be amazing!

I have lots of love to give and can’t wait to be a perfect addition to the right family.

Check out a video of Gunner: