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Save Me Remembers Griffin

Sponsored by Marlene O., in memory of her precious Bella and her friend’s sweet dog Prada


“Griffin, our little man. You were more than a foster. You were a member of our family. We truly believe that the dogs at Save Me Rescue always end up right where they should be. You were meant to stay with us. You were a diamond in the ruff. You arrived to us with a tough attitude, which was the sign of a difficult past. Everywhere we went, people would comment that you walked with an attitude. It was hard for you to let people in. You showed your teeth, but deep inside, you were scared. Slowly, you began to trust us and we saw your true colours shine through. You loved being outside and exploring. You tried swallowing the waves when we took you to the river. You walked so well on a leash and you didn’t let your size stop you from going for long hikes in the forest. You were a little glutton, always dancing with joy at mealtime. You were a great nap companion, fluffier than the best teddy bear. You gave gentle, meaningful kisses. You got sick very quickly and it was sad to see in the end, but we choose to hold on to the beautiful memories you gave us in the last couple years and we have countless of them. You sat with our Oma who had Alzheimer’s disease and gave her a moment of peace. You chased your toy at the park until we dropped… you could have easily kept going. We thank you for showing us that being patient and not giving up on the ones we love is 100% worth it. We love you, Griffin.”

Thank you Marilyne and Jason for showing Griffin so much love and patience. He definitely ended up where he needed to be, in your loving hands and family.