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Greta has been adopted!

Sponsored by Paulina in honour of Erin and Corey, Merry Christmas xo



Greta has arrived and our first thought was, she’s a mini chocolate lab!

This 1 year old 30lb pup would be an awesome addition for a family looking for a young, happy, sweet, affectionate and playful pup! Greta is very puppy like therefor will need regular pup training. She does well with her foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and ages and just wants to play with them. She may not do the greatest with senior dogs in the home as they don’t always reciprocate her playful energy. She loves her toys, going for walks and kissing her foster mom. She does awesome in her crate and seems to be house trained. She would be great in a home with kids who can throw a ball around with her and keep her entertained. Her tail is always wagging and she is sweet as can be.

Greta was lovingly fostered by Paulina