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Gracie has been adopted

Sponsored with love by Sonny, Bella and Lady. Three very lucky, loved and spoiled rescue beagles



Meet Gracie! Gracie is a 6 year old, 37 lb lab mix. She is a very sweet girl who just wants to be near her person/people all the time. She will do rounds to check on all the members of the family. She has had experience with older children and she loves to be with them cuddling. Gracie is always up for a good game of “I am going to get your feet”.  She plays gently and her tail goes a mile a minute.
Gracie does shows sign of separation anxiety. She will attempt to get out the front door and currently when left alone she has chewed and scratched at the front door. We are working on her spending time in the crate right now while we are home to get her used to it and to ensure her we are not leaving her alone.  She is tolerating it well.
Gracie is 100% housebroken and does not have accidents. She will patiently wait at the back door for someone to let her out. She loves to go for walks but is strong on the leash and would do best with a harness or easy walker. She is always up for a car ride too!
Have a cat? No problem, Gracie isn’t interested. No matter how hard my cat tries Gracie does not fall for  his games, she has better things to do. She is good with both big and small dogs although she prefers to have a certain amount of personal space when she’s eating. She does not like other dogs approaching her food dish.
Gracie already knows several commands such as sit, shake a paw, stay, roll over and lie down.
Gracie really is a bundle of love, kisses and butt wiggles. She would do best in home  with older children and someone that has a lot of time to spend with her.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only

Gracie was lovingly fostered by Lori