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Gordo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Rita and Kayla in honour of Casey – the ginger cat who taught our dog to mouse.


Gordo is a dear sweet boy who hails from Kentucky and was found as a stray there. He was clearly well loved for a long time. He’s very trusting and loves all humans and dogs. He hasn’t been cat tested yet.
He’s great at letting other big dogs know if they are crossing a line, without crossing that line himself. He LOVES to play fetch and it feels like he wasn’t walked much and needs a little guidance on the rules of the road.

Nothing scares this guy and he’s happy to spend time on his own and is completely house trained. He’s learning to follow commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “drop out”. Honestly, he’s a really smarty pants.
He was quite thin when he arrived but is slowly regaining his appetite.

He sleeps in his crate from 11pm to 7:30pm, without any fussing, although it does take a bit of coaxing to get him in there at bedtime. He’s a very well-mannered little boy who started out waiting to be asked to get on the furniture. Now he’s good as gold about getting off it when you ask.

He’s quite playful and loves to start his day with at least a 10 minute snuggle fest.