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Gloria has been adopted!

Gloria is sponsored by Roz in Memory of Rosalind Addley – a passionate dog lover and great supporter of Save Me.


Please say hello to Miss Gloria! She is a sweet girl who had to spend 100 days in the pound because when tested, they discovered she had heart worm. Gloria was treated with doxycycline for 30 days, followed by 2 immiticide injections. Save Me Rescue follows a protocol that includes Gloria being on Advantage Multi for one year post treatment. Gloria will come with the first 6 months of Advantage Multi. The adoptive parents are to supply the last 6 months.

Gloria came to her foster home fearful of humans and sudden movements. The longer she is in her home, the less fearful she has become. Her tail is always wagging, and she is learning that being picked up and snuggled is not a bad thing! Gloria seems to be less fearful of children than adults. She currently lives with other dogs her size and does fairly well, with just a “leave me alone” growl once in awhile.
Gloria is housed trained and a good eater. She is learning very slowly how to play and what all the toys laying around the house are for! Right now, Gloria would be considered low energy, but once she gains more trust and realizes what all the toys are for, she would become a medium energy dog.

Gloria does well in a car. Gloria sleeps on the floor in her bed beside her foster parents’ bed. Gloria does not do well at the vet or getting her nails cut, she needs to be muzzled. We think once Gloria realizes neither of these things are so scary after all, the muzzle will not be necessary. So far, Gloria is not a barker and she loves being outside. She is not crated or confined while her foster parents are at work and she does well.


Gloria was lovingly fostered by Carey.