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Gizmo has been adopted!

Sponsored in sweet memory of Martie. We send our love and courage to his amazing humans Kate and Jeremy


Gizmo, 5yrs old, 7lbs, yorkie mix.  Gizmo is all kinds of “big dog” packed inside a small package.  He was brought to the pound by his owner. He was undersocialized, heavily matted, non-trusting and unfortunately, his fear of loud noises, big hands, and unfamiliar surroundings got the best of him and he retreated in fear and resorted to snapping instead of submitting to those trying to help him.   That’s where we came in – he went from shelter to our care and has truly flourished but his past still rears its fearful head in new situations so a few days of patience and time to acclimate in his new surroundings is a must.   He is truly a wonderful companion but definitely shows his “ankle biter” genes when meeting new people – he takes a bit of time to warm up and definitely doesn’t trust being picked up and snuggled until he has time to get to know you (and then he demands to be snuggled, under the covers, any time he is in or beside your lap or sharing the bed with you.  He prefers to be the center of attention.  He has done very well meeting the other little dogs in the house as well as the large dog and the resident cat. He seems to prefer his people though and will follow everyone around to see if you will be sitting down soon so he can snuggle with you. He would be perfectly content to be your one and only.  He appears housebroken but has marked his territory in our home. They said he was crate trained but apparently he has “barrier aggression” so the crate was not a good option. He was very anxious and displayed quite a bit of aggression when he was crated. When he let him out of the crate, he warmed up to us quite quickly.  We did notice that he has a small bladder and likes to go outside every two or three hours. Securely fenced yard (as he is an escape artist) or a dedicated leash walker (no tie outs) required.
We are not sure at this point if he would do well in an apartment or how well he does in the car. As we learn more about Gizmo we will update his BIO.

Gizmo was lovingly fostered by Angie