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Giselle has been adopted!

Giselle is sponsored by Elaine A. 


Bonjour!!! Giselle joins our rescue from Montreal… this little french girl is as sweet as pie. She does have an unfortunate history with males and is very scared of them therefor her foster mom feels she would be much more happier in a home that is female only. She does very well with her foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and temperaments, If she doesn’t know you she is pretty timid, but once she knows and trusts you she is very lovely. She is absolutely in love with going for walks and does amazing on leash. She is still learning that going on walks means doing your business  so her new family will need to continue house training with her. She is very well behaved in the house and you can typically find her at the feet of her foster mom as that is who she trusts the most right now. When her foster mom goes to work she leaves Giselle in a crate and she does super well in it. She is super happy when her foster mom gets home and cant wait to go for a walk. Her playful side comes out more and more each day, she can be quite silly. She is quiet in the home and only barks when someone new comes into the house. She has not been cat tested but her foster mom thinks she would do just fine with one. Her energy level is low to moderate, she just wants to be by her humans side, whatever that entails. She is very very low shedding (if any at all). She does require a home with a secure fence because until she gains the trust of her new family she can be a flight risk and since shes so tiny she can pretty much fit through anything.
This sweet girl is looking for a female only home who will love her, cuddle her and help her gain confidence.

Giselle was lovingly fostered by Paulina