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Ginny has been adopted!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Ginny, and all 28 pounds of me is brand new to this whole Canada thing! I came to Save Me because my former home wasn’t giving me the care and training I need to be the best dog I can be. Sometimes my foster mom calls me ‘Skinny Ginny’, but luckily, I’m a pretty healthy girl other than needing to gain a bit more weight. My appetite is gosh darn healthy, so this shouldn’t be a problem! Some crazy doctor took my uterus a few weeks ago, too, so I’m also healing from that!

If you haven’t already fallen in love with my adorable wiry terrier face, there is a lot more for you to love. I am the world’s biggest cuddle bug, and will follow you around and curl up into a ball next you no matter which room you are in. I will gratefully accept any belly rubs on offer, and with a tail like mine, you’ll have no problem telling when I am happy to see you (which is always).

When I first came to Canada, I was a little rusty on the whole ‘pooping outside of the house’ thing, but with a little patience on my foster mom’s part, I quickly learned that it’s better to go outdoors! I don’t have any problems with peeing outside. As far as learning other things, I usually come when called (why give up a chance for belly rubs), and I’m still working on ‘sit,’ and ‘stay,’ though my foster mom says I’m very smart and have been picking things up quickly!

When it comes to crates, I will go in one no problem, but only if you are leaving and give me a treat. I don’t like to be in the crate when other things are going on/people are home, because I want to be with my humans! I am also a very good girl for the car crate. I don’t mind car rides at all, actually – I will just sit quietly and watch out the window (though I may let out a brief woof if we drive past another dog!).

There are some important things you should know about my temperament. If we walk past a tall, dark stranger I may let out a little growl, but it’s all talk. I am a very gentle, sweet girl, who has shown zero aggression. However, I can be quite timid with hands or objects raised above your head. I would make a great dog in a family with children, but they need to be a little older or have parental lessons and supervision to make sure they are being gentle with me. I am curious but gentle when it comes to kitties, and will leave them alone after a few sniffs. I also love making friends with new doggies in various settings.

My default state is being a quiet, well behaved girl. I like to explore and may get my mouth on something from the garbage can, so you’ll have to make sure it’s out of my reach when I’m left unsupervised! One of my favourite things to do is become a ball next to you on the nearest bed or couch, so if you’re a ‘no-dogs-on-the-furniture’ household, we are not a good match. Of course, I still like my walks and playtime; I walk fairly well on a leash as long as you’re patient with my numerous sniffing stops.

If your family is looking for a small, sweet, lovable dog to join your household forever, I’m the girl for you. I need a gentle home full of kindness, and I promise to give it all back in return (and then some). I can’t wait to find the furever home just right for me, where I can live out a long and happy life getting allllll the belly rubs and affection I deserve.


Ginny was lovingly fostered by Carleigh.