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Ginger has been adopted!

Sponsored in celebration of Cooper’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Cooper.



Hello! My name is Ginger and I’m a sweet girl who is in search of a forever home! My foster mom says I have the softest ears and the prettiest black whiskers! I’m around 1.5 years old and 25 lbs of playful, happy pup! I can’t wait to meet my new family and start living my best life!

When I first came to my foster home I was very scared and timid. I hid under the bed a lot and didn’t want to be pet. But I quickly started to come out of my shell and now I just love to be around my foster parents! I am comfortable here now and I am much more relaxed. Now I can nap and play independently while my foster parents go about their day. It might take me some time to get settled when I get to my new home but I promise I am worth your patience!

I love to be around my foster parents but sometimes I feel a bit scared when I meet new people. It doesn’t take me long to warm up but it’s better if you let me go at my own pace and comfort level. I have two human foster brothers (ages 10 and 11) and I like to play with them now but at first I was a bit unsure about them. They let me take things slow and now I love being with them!

I love to play with other dogs who are friendly and playful. I can play and chase for a long time! My dog foster brother doesn’t really like to play though and I respect that. But when we are inside I can be a bit possessive over my toys and my bed. My foster brother has only been here a few days though and I’m already learning to share! My foster parents have two feathered babies and I really don’t have much of an interest in them and I mostly ignore them.

I am a healthy girl and have recently been spayed and recovered very well. My teeth are super sparkly and I’m in very good condition, overall.

I have learned to come when I am called but sometimes I hesitate because I am still learning to trust. I know with time I will understand that I am safe and loved but these things take a bit of time. I am always very happy to see my foster parents though and I have the waggiest tail! My foster mom says it’s just a blur!

I am fully house trained and I haven’t had any accidents at my foster home! I have even been left alone a few times and I kept the house clean and tidy.

I do love to chew on my toys but sometimes I get mixed up and chew something I’m not supposed to. It’s better for me if I have lots of activity every day and have lots of toys to chew. When I get lots of activity I pretty much like to nap off and on all day if the house is quiet.

I LOVE to be out in the yard! I run and bounce and play and lounge! You can find me sleeping in the sun, sniffing the ground, playing with toys or chatting with the dog next door through the fence.

Right now I’m working on walking on a leash but I’m still figuring it out. My foster mom thinks I may have never been walked before so you need to have time and patience. Practice makes progress! But I have lots of energy for long walks and hikes so it will be worth it and I really want to do the right thing!

I don’t bark a lot but when I do it’s a bit loud! I don’t think an apartment life is for me since I don’t want to disrupt the neighbours.

My foster mom has been brushing me and clipping my nails and I don’t mind too much! Surprisingly I don’t shed very much but I think the brushing helps.

Sometimes I still have puppy-like energy. Now that I’m not scared anymore I am experiencing so many new things and it’s all very exciting! I’m learning not to jump up when I’m excited but I need to be reminded from time to time.

I just know I can be a great best friend and I’m really looking forward to meeting my new family!

Ginger was lovingly fostered by Jennifer