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Ginger has been adopted!

Sponsored by two fur babies, Charlie and Blue



Ginger arrived from the States on Sunday April 24 and is loving all things Canadian. Ginger is a very friendly dog who loves everyone! She immediately approaches guests in our home and they fall in love just like we did immediately. She loves the attention of being petted, scratched behind her ears, and she will even stand on her hind legs for a full body rub. She is certainly not shy and loves to be in a room full of people. Ginger absolutely adores our two teenage boys, and could play fetch, all day long. They play wrestle with her and she LOVES this! She quite willingly pulls toys out of the toy box and plays with them independently for period of time. It is quite funny to see how much joy she gets out of tossing a toy in the air or shaking the stuffing out of them. Ginger loves to eat, and is not fussy…cat food is no exception! She loves to take treats but she does not immediately consume them, she hides them for a little while and then when she is ready she will eat them.

Ginger loves the outdoors, partially because that is where all the squirrels and birds are! She watches them and actually thinks she will be able to catch them! She is a very strong girl, who loves going for walks but definitely needs some work on her walking skills. We have been working pretty hard on this and because she is so young and has such a willingness to please, she has come a long way. (still a way to go though). She will bark and lunge toward a loud car or truck but is easily corrected with a firm no. She is young though and does forget this isn’t something she can do, so lots of reinforcement with this will be required. She does have an interest in the squirrels and birds on our walk, but a soft “no Ginger” redirects her to smelling all the dog smells on the way.

Ginger has been a foster sibling to two smaller, older dogs that haven’t appreciated her puppy energy, and clumsy pouncing. She is very interested in our cats also, loves to bow before them wagging her tail and barking. (I think her perfect home would be feline free).

Ginger is very comfortable to sleep in her kennel at night (of course she would rather snuggle between her humans) and wakes up happy and “puppy energized” to start another day! She is not destructive at all, and is housebroken (she does not ask to go outside and has been given frequent trips outside, no accidents to report).

Ginger does not like to be left alone, (in excess) so a home where there is someone there most of the time would be ideal. Ginger would be happy to be the center of attention, or correctly matched with another playful strong dog.

Those who love being showered with kisses, and want to experience a dog that will simply adore you, should apply for this pup. She will bring so much joy into your heart.

Ginger was lovingly fostered by Brenda