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Gilbert is available for adoption

Gilbert is sponsored on behalf of Pumba, “a dude with a tude”. Pumba welcomed Ellie, a sister from a different Mister and a Save Me Dog rescue, into his home to share his mom, his sister, Kenzie, his beds and his toys. Pumba touches the hearts everyday of those who love him. A gentle soul who loves to be with his mom, curled up in one of his beds at her feet while she works. Like most dogs Pumba loved Covid as he had more “mom time”.


Hello, my name is Gilbert but foster mom sometimes calls me wiggle bum because my tail is always wagging. I weigh about 15 pounds. They think I am about 9 months old (DOB August 2022) so I act like a puppy. I have lots of energy but I can also settle. I like to snuggle with my human and to get cuddles. I will follow you around the house. I like everyone I have met, I like to give kisses and I like to be petted. If foster mom is asked what breed I am, she says Tennessee mutt. I likely have some terrier in me and foster mom wonders if I have some pug in me from the shape of my face. In January, I had a run in with a car and they had to amputate one of my front legs. It doesn’t slow me down – I can still chase the fast dogs at the dog park.

Foster mom says I learn quickly with the help of some treats. I know my name and I have learned to sit. I’m working on not jumping up to get what I want since it doesn’t get me anything.

Foster mom has two smaller dogs and several cats. I try to get the dogs to play but they don’t want to play and I can be a bit rough. I want to chase foster mom’s cats and she isn’t too happy about it. Foster mom thinks a home without cats is likely better. I can jump baby gates. Foster mom wonders if I would enjoy agility.

I like to chew a bone but I don’t like if one of foster mom’s dogs gets too close so my new home may need to manage this or let me enjoy them in my crate. Since I can be mouthy, I need in a home with older children.

I stay in my crate while foster mom is out and at night but I would rather be in the big bed with you and I settle easily. Sometimes, I’ll bark a bit when she first leaves and my bark is BIG so apartment life isn’t for me. I love to run outside so a fenced yard is best. I come when called even at the busy dog park and I’m house trained.

The ideal home for me could have another similar sized dog that likes to play. It would have a fenced yard and an active family that will take me for walks or runs. Older respectful children would be okay.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only