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Gidget has been adopted!

Sponsored by the York Family in honour of Princeton’s 6th Birthday – wishing the big guy many more!



Please welcome Gidget to Save Me Rescue!
Gidget is looking for a home where she can spend her golden years soaking up all the love her forever family has to offer! Gidget’s foster mom says she is the definition of sweet; she loves attention and will gladly accept a good head scratch from any person who offers. Gidget is a big girl at a healthy 92lbs and is most likely a standard poodle mix. Based on her size, calm demeanor, and double hind dewclaws, our best guess is that she is mixed with Great Pyrenees! Her coat is thick and wooly, and sheds very minimally. We cannot be certain that Gidget would be considered “hypoallergenic”.
From the time of her arrival, Gidget has proven to be an excellent house guest. Gidget is calm and relaxed, with the occasional short burst of energy where her long legs fly from under her as she gallops in a circle a time or two! She is house trained and settles well in her crate (although she would likely be trustworthy left with free range of the house). She is good on a leash and prefers to stroll at a leisurely pace, investigating all the smells along the way. Gidget is known to stretch out on the couch and sleep the afternoon away, no problem! Although her history is unknown as she was found a stray, it appears that Gidget has had mostly positive interactions with both men and women, as she warms up to new people quickly and gladly accepts their affection (but does not demand it).
We are seeking a home without other dogs for Gidget. Upon arrival in her foster home, Gidget let her foster parents know that she was very uncomfortable sharing her space with the resident dog. This may have been due to the stress of a long two day trip from the shelter and being in a new environment, but we feel it is best to allow Gidget to have a home where she has her people all to herself! Gidget was tested with cats at the shelter and did well, but there is not a cat in her foster home.
For more information on Gidget, please contact her foster mom, Erin, at

Gidget was lovingly fostered by Erin