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Gibby has been adopted!

Sponsored by Lynda and Brandi, in memory of Bootsie’s passing, a year ago.


** Feb 25, 2019 – Update:
Gibby will be seeing our vet next week to have her mouth examined. It appears one of her sutures has pulled through and she needs to have the area closed and re-sutured. She will be kept in care for another week, for a follow up to be sure all is well, she will then be available for adoption.

Gibby is a sweet little girl who wants so much to feel comfortable with people.   She gets very excited when people come to visit…and so wants to meet them up close….she tries !   Gibby is quiet , she sleeps a lot and is now eating well after a dental cleaning and some extractions.  She is wearing sweaters here cause I believe that she gets pretty cold…she is a thin little one who could put on 2-3 pounds easily. She does like to cuddle close to the other dogs occasionally and she also used to go into her crate for a nap.  Gibby is a bit nervous about being picked up and being put down…and was shaky when you got close to pet her. -but she does want to be close and petted .  Sad that we don’t know what happened in her past..she was supposedly a stray..but I know she was someone’s special pet.   Gibby will make a wonderful loving companion for someone who wants a cuddlebug…..  Gibby would be fine with small other dogs or dog.., as long as they are nice to her. But she would also be just fine as the only dog.    She is relearning her house training manners…, but is having a hard time with these terrible cold temperatures !  But she will soon be comfortable going out when it warms up a bit !  Gibby is a real sweetheart and would make anyone happy ..she will be a best friend who will never leave your side.  All she needs is love and a safe place to land.

Gibby was lovingly fostered by Janet