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George has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona in honour of her teacher, Ms. M.


Meet George! He has just arrived after his long transport so he seems pretty tired still. He likes to just laze around the house, coming up with his big wet nose to give us a sniff every once in a while. He has been a very good houseguest so far. He is polite when taking treats. He is housebroken. He walks pretty nicely on the leash (unless he sees something that interests him, then, hold on! He greeted the other dogs in the house nicely. He pretty much has an “oh well” attitude. He takes everything in stride. I think that George has not had much attention in the past so he doesn’t expect any now. He seems very surprised and happy when we rub his ears and tell him he’s a good boy. Sometimes he will lie down and see if we will scratch his belly. Of course, we will, George! Get used to it. You are going to be loved from now on.

George tested positive for Lyme disease so he is currently on a course of antibiotics. He is not a fan of his meds and we are having a hard time getting them in him. Yesterday they were hidden in a piece of cheese. He took the cheese, rolled it around in his mouth, swallowed the cheese and left the pills on the floor. He’s a tricky one.

George is in rehab as he has entropion in one of his eyes and although it is not causing him any issues, there is the potential that is can so we would like to get it fixed before going to his forever home. We are accepting applications for this handsome guy in the meantime.

We will update this information as we learn more about George’s personality. Be mindful that he is a very large dog so it is not recommended that he be around small children or small dogs. He will require lots of room in the house and a yard for him to play in. He loves being outside, even in this snowy weather and he wants you to be out there with him to enjoy it, so an active person who likes being outside in all kinds of weather would be super for him.


George was lovingly fostered by Angela