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Gemma has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Ivy, Bonbon, and Becks – 3 beautiful Save Me girls who are together again. Love and hugs to their mom, Jo, from Roz and Colleen.



Hi my name is Gemma and I just arrived to Save Me and my wonderful foster home.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my big brown eyes and my black, white and tan coloring but I am more than just beautiful looks. I am energetic and happy, especially since being sprung from the shelter.

I’m a bit of a blank slate. I haven’t been taught any tricks or commands yet but I am willing to learn. My foster thinks I have puppy energy and I would love a family to tire me out! My dream family is an active one! I would love to play fetch, go on walks or hikes, run or any another activity that will burn my energy! I do walk on leash but I tend to pull because I get excited but I’m sure with training, I will get better. I would love a yard to run and play in but if I get some good walks, I would be okay with no yard too.

I haven’t barked too much since arriving here so my foster thinks I would be good in a house or possible an apartment. I am good with dogs and like to play, but still play like a puppy and sometimes forget my boundaries. Cats run fast and as a puppy I like to chase them, but I don’t hurt them. My foster family has been working hard to teach me my boundaries with the cats and I am smart and starting to understand.
I’m am also good with kids and love when they play with me and my toys. It is fun when they throw my toy elephant down the hall for me to fetch and bring back.

My foster doesn’t know too much of my past and I prefer to not dwell on the past and only look forward but I don’t like men in hats or hoods at first until I get to know the person. They scare me and I will growl to show my fear. I hope my forever family will show me some patience, love and guidance to build my confidence to help me get over my fear.

Overall, I think I would make a great addition to an active family. I’m a pretty great catch!

Gemma was lovingly fostered by Yola