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Gammie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Gaia hoping Gammie gets the best home like I did



Gammie is a 12lbs, 8 year old , female terrier mix. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are up to date. She also comes micro chipped for added security.

She is fully house trained and is very good at communicating what she needs. She will bark and go to the front door when she needs to go out. When she is hungry, she will stay in the kitchen and dance around our feet. We are still working on getting her on a scheduled feed ( Morning and Night), as I believe she left food in a bowl and ate whenever she wanted to.

She currently has only explored the main floor which has led us to believe that she can not climb stairs. She will grunt at the bottom when we are sitting on the steps trying to encourage her to come up.
She currently spends most of her day sleeping but is happy to go for walks. Gammie is great with a harness and is accustomed to having it put on and taken off. When she walks she will pull to one side but we feel that she is trying to social distance and once used to her owner and surroundings she will be a great walker.

She is very well socialized with humans and is extremely friendly. She would greet strangers on walks and even did well with our small children, she warmed up to us very quickly, giving us lots of cuddles and kisses. Gammie doesn’t mind being picked up, especially when she is unsure of a situation (NOT scary big dog sleeping in the hallway).

Although not bothered by cats she seems to be a little more intimidated with dogs, especially ones not her size. We believe she will do well in a home where she is the only dog, with cats well socialized with dogs or with another dog her size and age. She has not started to interact or play with our dogs yet, but feel she will in the coming day as she starts to gain more confidence. We continue to work with her to build her confidence around bigger dogs.

She has not shown any signs of food aggression or possession towards her toys and seems at ease with being left alone during the day.

Overall Gammie has so much love to give. With patience, love, kindness and security Gammie will make a loving and devoted companion.

Gammie was lovingly fostered by Yola