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Galway has been adopted

Sponsored by Marla in honour of many upcoming 60th birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday ladies!!
 Galway has not had a good start to life, she was in a puppy mill and the only reason she is out,  is that she got sick amd was no longer useful to the breeders, as they did not want to spend  money on her to get her well again.
But now Galway is very healthy girl, she is spayed and her shots are up to date.
Galway is a very shy girl, she has no trust in humans at all.  She will let you pet her, but she does stiffen up and turn her head away from you.  As is typical with a lot of puppy mill survivors, she does not bark amd has no aggression at all, just a tremendous amount of fear.
Galway is eating and drinking fine, she loves treats and if it is one of her favourites, she will take it from your hand.
She lives with her other smaller foster brother and sisters and she gets along Well with them.
She watches them and follows them.
The perfect home for Galway would be with someone with puppy mill or fearful dog experience and who has another dog, so that Galway can continue to learn how to be a dog.
Every once in awhile you will see her with a stuffed animal or chewing on a bone.
Galway likes to be out in her fenced in backyard, sniffing and taking in all there is to see.
She does not seem to mind the cold weather or the snow.  When she is outside, if you whistle or call her name, she will come back in the house, but she will go straight to her cage.
Galway’s cage is her safe space, even though her cage door has never been closed.
She is left alone during the day with the other dogs and she is not destructive at all.  Surprisingly Galway is house trained and has never had an accident in the house or her cage.
At night She sleeps on a bed on the floor in her humans bedroom.
Galway was lovingly fostered by Carey