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Gaia has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona as a Christmas gift to her teacher, Mr. Nelson.



Gaia has all the best traits of a lab. She’s so sweet, smart and loves to be near her people. She gets excited for walkies. She learns quickly what she should and shouldn’t do in a new space. Gaia’s mission is life is to please her people, go for walkies, get snacks and foodies and have naps beside her human. She’s good on walks with a gentle lead, always polite to those she meets, whether it’s children or other dogs. She can pull on walks but is easily corrected. She seems to be timid around larger dogs but once she sees that they’re not aggressive, she warms up to them. Her ideal home would be one with no other animals or another senior dog(s). She currently lives with 4.5lb, senior dog who likes to hide under her and Gaia tries to her best to be careful, but sometimes doesn’t realize how big she is when she steps over the little one. Gaia can live with smaller dogs but would likely do better with at least 10lb dogs or larger.

Gaia would do best in a home where she could have someone with her most of the time; retirees, work from home (who will continue to work from home after the pandemic) or a similar situation. She tends to gravitate towards one person. Gaia sometimes whines when left alone or when the person she gravitates towards leaves so for this reason, she should live in a detached house that does not share any walls with another household and she would love a fenced in backyard. She would do best in a home without young kids as she can be rather clumsy and is very food motivated. She may jump to try taste a treat you have in your hand.

The best part about Gaia is her sweet and goofy personality-that lab sense of fun and humour. On walkies in the snow, she loves to find a big pile of snow and dive into it, and roll around in the deep snow. Sitting on the couch, she will cuddle up next to you and turn upside down for belly rubs and scratches while giving you a big grin. She’ll get up and sit properly beside you and give big kisses or go to her bed or the other side of the couch if you’re busy. She has the calm nature of a senior dog but hasn’t lost her youthful spirit. If you love labs but don’t want puppy energy, Gaia could be a great dog for you!

Gaia was lovingly fostered by Lisa/Cheryl