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Gaia is available for adoption

Sponsored by Ilona as a Christmas gift to her teacher, Mr. Nelson.



Gaia has all the best traits of a lab. She’s so sweet, smart and loves to be near her people. She can go for a 15- 45 minute walk three times per day and loves her walkies, meeting people and always polite; however seems to be afraid of other dogs,. She’s still learning not to pull on her leash but does well with a gentle lead over her nose. She’s been good with a small dog living with her but gets jealous of attention and will push the other dog aside to get attention. She would love to have someone’s attention all to herself. Her ideal home would be a one with no other animals and she tends to be afraid of dogs larger than 10 pounds. Because she’s a senior and hasn’t been around children much, she should have a home where everyone is an adult and understands senior dog needs. Gaia is on medication for arthritis and incontinence which costs about $150-$200 per month. She’s also sensitive to some foods and needs a high quality or veterinary diet.

Gaia would do best in a home where she could have someone with her most of the time; retirees, work from home (who will continue to work from home after the pandemic) or a similar situation. Gaia has separation anxiety and whines and barks when left along. For this reason, she should live in a detached house that does not share any walls with those outside the family. Gaia doesn’t have good recall so would need a fenced in backyard.

The best part about Gaia is her sweet and goofy personality-that lab sense of fun and humour. Sitting on the couch, she will cuddle up next to you and turn upside down for belly rubs and scratches while giving you a big grin. She’ll get up and sit properly beside you and give big kisses. She will go to her bed or the other side of the couch if you’re busy. She has the calm nature of a senior dog but hasn’t lost her youthful spirit. If you love labs but don’t want puppy energy, Gaia could be a great dog for you!

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only