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Gabe has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Brandi



Gabe is in a very fearful stage of development right now. He needs gentle slow positive exposure to his new home, people of all kinds, environments, sounds, walking surfaces, animals etc. With the right kind of support now, Gabe is likely to become a confident happy dog in the future.

As with any puppy, Gabe needs a family who will be home a lot and will not be leaving him on his own for long periods of time. He will likely shed like a golden retriever and will need regular brushing. He will also need space to run and play as well as a lot of attention from his people.

Because he is experiencing a lot of fear at this time, we are looking for the following in a family for Gabe:
No children under the age of 12.
At least one family member who is home part time.
Previous dog/puppy experience is preferred.
A commitment to building Gabe’s confidence and socialization skills.
A commitment to working with a trainer who uses only positive training methods and who is knowledgeable about dog psychology – this is different than puppy classes or obedience training!
A fenced yard would be ideal.
Gabe would benefit from another confident balanced dog in the home and/or the opportunity to interact with familiar balanced dogs on a regular basis.

It is important that these things are in place as anxiety can turn into a variety of behavioural issues if not handled correctly. We have consulted with an experienced trainer and he is confident that, with the right support, Gabe will be a happy and confident dog.

Gabe was lovingly fostered by Tanya