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Fuzzy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Carolyn P. in loving memory of her chihuahua, her sweet Momma Lil who she lost in February of this year, to Mitral Valve Disease.


This adorable young girl is happy, cuddly and just way too cute for her own good.

Fuzzy gets along well with other dogs, loves kids and even gets along with the foster home cat. She is playful and curious and likes to follow her foster family around and watch what they’re up to. She’s quiet and enjoys nothing more than a good snuggle.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys following her little nose on walks. She does well, but will pull because she’s simply excited to be out there exploring the world around her. Fuzzy was peepad trained and her foster family is currently teaching her to take her business outside. She’s doing well with that.

Fuzzy is left alone a few hours at a time, as long as the garbage is put up, she’s pretty well behaved and quite.

This amazing girl would be content in just about any setting. She is happy to chill out with just her people, but also willing to share with another dog. She loves to run in the yard and gets even more excited if there are kids to play with.

Fuzzy is such a wonderful little pup. She’s going to fit in just about anywhere and make someone family very happy.


Fuzzy was lovingly fostered by Rose