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Frankie has been adopted.


W​e all know W​illiam Shakespeare once penned, “What’s in a name? By which we call a dog by any other name could be as sweet.” Okay, so maybe he didn’t. But the point we are trying to get at here is that this lovable guy we know at Save Me Rescue named Frankie, he’s a keeper. And if he had another name, would he still be over looked? Probably not. Would he still be just as sweet? Absolutely!

​So we urge you all, don’t be fooled by his name​;​  Frankie is a complete love bug! ​Soft, loving and cuddly, Frankie would like nothing more than to spend his evenings cuddled up on the couch with his family,​ ​indoors in a nice warm house. He is very affectionate and w​ould make a lucky family very happy!​ While he is not a big kisser​, Frankie loves attention and is very social.

​Often found seek​ing​ affection​ from adults and children alike​,​ the key to Frankie is his​ love​ of ​belly rubs and yummy snacks.​ He’s a simple man!​ Always wagging his tail, he loves to play outdoors no matter​ what ​the weather​ proves​. ​Snow or grass, you can bet he will be rolling around like a hog in mud. ​Frankie simply ​adores children and is a built in nanny. Gentle cuddles and lots of attention from kids will go a long way – especially if it’s on the way to the kitchen, Frank’s favourite place. ​

​A huge fan of meal time, ​Frankie​ can often be found napping next to his bowls. While utterly hilarious, the truth is that Frankie should stand to lose a few pounds as he is currently overweight. That said, he is ​also extremely ​playful so ​any chance to ​take advantage of ​his exuberant nature is highly recommended. Still, running around the house with a treat in hand is a sure fire way to ensure that Frankie will undoubtedly chase in tow.

H​ouse​-​broken,​ Frank is currently ​unsure about crate training​ but doesn’t particularly need it​. He is​ great with his ​fur​-​siblings​ and is currently living alongside Willie, another Save Me Rescue foster dog who is currently in rehabilitation. Prior to Frankie’s arrival, Willie proved to be extremely shy and shut down, however that has changed ever so slightly since Frank’s trip home. Willie has now gained some confidence and follows in Frankie’s footsteps as he can see what it’s like to be loved!

​At this time, Frankie has not been cat tested so we are unsure of how well he would do. That said, he ​hasn’t done extremely ​well on the leash when walked​,​​ but with all the extra weight on him, he doesn’t move very fast​and his foster parents are always able to catch up.​ Therefore, we can’t imagine a cat would be in very much peril at all!

So if you’re looking for jogging partner.. well, you may want to check out our website. But if you are looking for a fantastic, family friendly dog who adores children and chilling on the couch – Frank is your man. ​Look passed the name, and you’ll see he is no monster at all!

For more information on Frankie , please contact his foster mom Jamie, at You’ll be glad you did!

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!


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