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Frankie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Nancy in loving memory of Winston



Frankie has finally arrived. This boy was heartworm positive when we pulled him from the shelter so he had to receive a six-week treatment before he could come to us. He is now finished his treatment and enjoying his new lease on life. Subsequent to finishing treatment we keep dogs on a specific heart worm preventative for a full year regardless of the season. Save Me provides the first six months after finishing treatment and any remaining months will be given to Frankie’s forever family.

You may notice that Frankie is not your typical dog. We are calling him a corgi mix he is certainly is unusual. He weighs 37lbs. He has very short little legs but he has a long and large body style. He is quite handsome actually. Once you meet him and see how sweet he his he becomes even more endearing. At 7.5yrs old he is the perfect mix of being old enough to be calm but still young enough to play like a pup when he feels like it. He loves to take a nap by the sliding doors and he also sleeps through the night. He is not fond of the crate so we just put a bed in our back hallway and he is so happy to curl up there at night.

Frankie has certainly had his fair share of trouble in his life. As well as being treated for heartworm, Frankie seems hard of hearing and probably has some vision loss. This does not stop him at all. He is not great at commands though such as sit or stay because he doesn’t hear them usually. He is more than happy to come to us when we speak loudly or get his attention. He is very food motivated. After he goes outside to do his business he will come in and sit by the treat closet. If we don’t offer him a treat he will use his head to try to open the closet door and help himself to his treats! We have stopped this behaviour now but it was so cute watching him that we let it go on for a day or so.

We are feeding Frank three times a day right now because he is food motivated. We are limiting his portions and trying to get him to see that there is food offered to him regularly. He is a pretty smart fellow so I don’t think it will take long for him to understand this.

I have taken him out for a few walks now. I couldn’t be happier with how well he walks on a leash. We can walk at quite a nice pace. We even got up to a bit of a job a few times. He stopped once to smell and pee and then he didn’t stop to smell again like most male dogs do. He is great when meeting other dogs and people.

He is living in a house with two small dogs and two cats. The dogs had told him that they do not like to play so he has learned quickly to leave them alone. He likes to chase one of the cats but when she stops he stops and wags his tale. It would be great if he had another dog around to play with when he is in the mood. I think he could learn a lot from another well trained dog since he likes to play follow the leader. He will play that his humans too!

Frankie has had a couple accidents in our house over the last few days since he joined us but I am not willing to say he isn’t housetrained. I believe we just haven’t learned to read his cues yet. If I let him out the side yard into our dog run and go with him, he will pee. He does not ask to go outside though, I don’t think. If I let him out in the backyard, he seems overwhelmed and just wanders around or stays right at the sliding doors. If I take him out from on the leash he will pee for us. We will continue to watch this and see if there is a schedule or routine that he follows that will help us to help him with his housetraining.

We have not had enough time to get to know him fully but I think Frankie is a very adaptable dog that could fit into a lot of different homes. He is slow enough for a senior but playful enough for a younger family. I would not recommend him with really young children because of his hearing issues. Somebody quick moving could startle him. Children 10yrs old and up should be fine. Also, because of his vision issues, sometimes we have put our hand down in front of him to smell and he thought we were offering a treat so he tasted our fingers. It didn’t hurt but I would not like to see him do that to a child.

He is not much on barking but he will join in the barking when my dogs start. He really doesn’t seem to know what he is barking at though. If you have a quiet dog or no other dog then I don’t think Frankie would bark.

He has not attempted to go up or down the stairs in our house so I am going to say that a home with few or no stairs is best. It is probably because of his vision issues but he goes through doors and down one step quite cautiously.

Frankie was lovingly fostered by Angie