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Franky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Nancy in loving memory of Winston



Franky is a 40lb., 8-year-old male Corgi mix who was adopted and returned through no fault of his own. He is all tan with white paws and chest. He has warm brown eyes which always seem to be questioning. He is neutered and his vaccinations are current as of Feb 3, 2021. He is micro chipped.

Franky is losing his sight and hearing. He sees light and dark but not distinct images. He navigates his way around very well and quickly understands and remembers the physical set up. He seems to hear higher pitched noises and when the sounds are close to him. He quickly recognizes voices he hears on a consistent basis.

He does startle easily, so warning him when approaching should become a habit by his adoptive human(s). Warning should also be given prior to touching him. He loves the side of his face rubbed or head scratch and definitely belly rubs. He is never far from his human and will bark if he doesn’t know where they are. Occasionally he gets turned around and will bark to get help.

He is a sweet, gentle and very happy boy who wants love and affection. Franky is a bit timid in new situations but as long as his human is there to support him, he bravely ventures on.

He gets along very well with other dogs and cats -most times – but has a tendency to chase them (the cat always wins).resource guard his human. He is fully house trained. He barks in the house when he cannot find his human or gets turned around or when another dog in the house barks. A simple light touch on his back quickly reassures him and he stops.

He does not like cuddling, nor does he like to be picked up. I believe this comes from his previous days on the streets. I have portable steps for him to get up on the couch. He mostly lays at the feet of hi foster mom or on the big dog bed. He eats well and loves treats of all kinds. Franky is respectful of the other dogs and does not try to take their food or treats. He is a gentleman!

He loves walks and sniffing in the back yard. He is starting to run with the other dogs and have fun.
Franky’s forever home should have access to long flights of stairs secured. He can do 2-3 steps but not long flights. It should have a secure fenced yard. Ideally there should be someone home most of the day as he gets confused if he gets himself turned around. His adopters need to have patience and be willing to accept that he is not a cuddler in the normal sense of the word but loves to be close and petted.

When Franky was first coming into Save Me he was diagnosed with heart worm and ehrlichia. Franky completed his treatment and is now heart worm negative. Franky received treatment for Ehrlichia and, as is often the case, it is possible that he will continue to test positive for years even though he Is no longer infected. As part of the comprehensive post- treatment that we do, Franky has been on a specific monthly preventative and the remaining doses will be sent along with him to complete the year. We are happy to answer any questions about the treatment Franky received.

Franky really just wants to be loved. With patience, love and security Franky will become one amazing boy and loving companion.

Franky was lovingly fostered by Jackie