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Frankie has been adopted

Sponsored by Sherri T., in celebration of her nephew’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Cooper!!!

Frankie has a sad tale to tell, he does not dwell on it, but it will help for everyone to understand just how much this boy needs a loving home. Frankie’s owners abandoned him, left him tied up with another dog with no food, water or shelter, and simply left. He was found almost a week later and rescued.

We’ve promised Frankie that not all people are like his past owners. We also promise that we will find a home where he will be loved, kept safe and treated as part of the family.

Frankie is a great little dog. Very puppy like. He can be sweet and affectionate when he knows he has nothing to fear. If he is scared he will stand up for himself and has not been socialized enough yet to know when that is not needed. So a home with children would not be advised. Frankie is super smart, house trained and loves his toys. He is great with other dogs.