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Save Me Remembers Foxy

Foxy / Female / Pomeranian / 10 pounds / 7 years old

When this adorable little lady first arrived to Save Me Dog Rescue roughly three years ago, her background was a mystery. Foxy appeared to have some minor developmental issues that remained unknown. She was slow to process her surroundings, and while there was been no hardened evidence of brain damage, her behavioural symptoms seem to lend themselves to dogs who have had some head trauma in their past, although purely speculation. Regardless Foxy was a happy dog in every way. She did not seem to have any truly negative effects of this perceived trauma that her family or vet can tell, and was truly loved for who she was.

Foxy was adopted into a very loving family, but was later returned to Save Me when her mama grew very ill and could no longer care for her. The very difficult decision was made to return her to her loving foster mom, where they knew she would receive the very best care. Due to her wide array of unknown medical issues, as well as behavioral quirks, it decided it would be in her best interest to not be uprooted again, so Foxy was home to stay! A sensitive girl, Foxy was once again living comfortably amongst her brothers and sisters and was happy as a clam.

Save Me would like to thank Foxy’s mom, Bianca and the wonderful team of vets (whom she loved!) for to ensuring that Foxy was as pain and itch free as possible.  She was happy, spoiled and loved. Foxy had an incredibly loving and supportive foster mom who made sure that she was never given up on and who was set on helping her live her fullest life.


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