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Foster has been adopted!

Sponsored with love by Chelsey and Phillip, in celebration of their upcoming wedding


Foster is about 2 years old. A cross of possibly a rat terrier/blue healer/collie mix. He is a super sweet boy who loves cuddles! He is great on his walks and doesn’t pull which is great! He was on a farm so he doesn’t know any commands but is learning! He finally knows his name and is slowly catching to sit. It seems he never knew how to play or what a toy even was before this. His 2 friends at our house, are teaching him what a ball is and how fun playing really is! He now knows what a ball is, and his favourite squeaky chew toy is Yoda!

Foster is not afraid of his crate and sleeps well through the night. He sometimes barks when he goes in at night when we go to bed, but it stops after 5 minutes or so. When he goes back in when we go to work in the morning he also barks but not for long. He has not had any accidents in the house at all and goes to the bathroom outside great!

He would be wonderful in a home with other dogs as he gets along great with our two, and any other dog he meets! He is pretty chill and doesn’t seem to be bothered by much of anything. His cutest is when he lays down and let’s out a groan of relaxation. He would love nothing more than to cuddle up with you on the couch or in bed and get all the love he can soak up. This boy is super sweet and so very lovable. He does need training which he is working on, but will benefit from someone who continues to teach him basic commands so he will learn as he had has never been trained at all.



Foster was lovingly fostered by Amanda L.