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Flip has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Ilona’s birthday



You will flip for Flip! He is that sweet and awesome! His long perky ears are not the only great thing about Flip! He has shown himself to be an independent and loving dog that will come up to you and demand some pets. Currently, he is living in a condo and does great in that environment. His foster family has only heard him bark once since arriving in their care.

While he doesn’t know many commands he does know “let’s go” “come” and “drop it”. He also does well in a crate.

Flip has a pretty low activity level but does like to go on walks. A 20-minute walk in the morning and evening will tire him out and afterward, he will enjoy a nice nap! If his bladder is full, he does drop a little excited pee when his leash is put on him.

Flip’s ideal home would be a condo/apartment or detached home with minimal stairs. Because he is not high energy a low to medium active couple/family would be great for him. He would love a couple/family that will throw him a ball, hide treats in his toys or play tug of war with him.

Have you flipped for Flip yet? If so apply today to be considered for his forever family!

Flip was lovingly fostered by Raj