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Fireball has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Kelly who came into my our lives 8 years ago and brought us so much joy. We love and miss you Kelly



Meet Fireball (Fire) a small 28 lbs female lab mix, a lovely shy, cuddly pooch.

Fire came into foster care approximately 4 weeks ago. She comes from hoarding situation with multiple dogs and cats all living in a deplorable setting. She had minimal exposure to people, very little experiences and no socializing. Today it is a totally different story. She is blossoming into a fabulous dog, gaining confidence daily, learning to trust people, gradually realizing that her new world is a place filled with interesting adventures and safe havens.

Fireball continues to have some anxiety that hopefully with patience and time she will overcome . She is frightened by moving cars, loud noises, children bouncing balls and movement on the TV. She is most comfortable laying on the bench in her own backyard or the neighbours.

Although Fireball does not play with toys she love to dash around the yard and play tag, lay under your feet for an afternoon siesta, chew on a bone but most of all receive cuddles and tummy rubs. She has learned to sit and stay, is catching on to the use of the leash, enjoys going to the park to run and explore (on a very long tether), sleeps very quietly through the night in her crate and is fully housetrained. She travels very well in the car either in the back seat with her seatbelt or in the crate. She never chews on shoes or damages anything, learns very quickly what furniture she can go on, is very gentle when playing and responds well to physical contact when training.

Due to her current fears it is necessary that she go to a home with a backyard that is fully fenced with no other pets, perhaps with someone who is home much of the day, a quiet setting where she can continue to experience a loving touch and reassurance.

Fireball is a fabulous pup who, with time, affection and patience, will flourish into a terrific family pet and, although it may take a little time, she will realize that her forever home is the perfect place for her.

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Fireball was lovingly fostered by Sandi