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Fiona has been adopted!

Sponsored by Maria & Robert in celebration of Save Me alumni Howie’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Howie!!


Fiona is a shy and scared puppy mill survivor. She has not had a good start to life and we hope to find the perfect home for her for the remainder. She is a 6 yr old dog, who has not yet learned how to be a dog.
Fiona spends most of her time on her foster parents couch. She is house trained and she will go outside and come back inside but only if encouraged to do so. Sometimes she has to be carried out. Fiona is not your typical happy, secure dog as the first 6 years of her life have taught her only fear. Fiona loves to be pet and will snuggle beside you on the couch, she also sleeps with her humans. Fiona needs to be taught to trust and how a dog should behave. Fiona’s perfect home will be one with no small children, a fenced in backyard and a dog around her own size who can teach her to be a dog without fear. A fenced backyard is a MUST, as she will not yet walk on a harness. She is working on this with her foster dad, but it is a very slow process.

Everything Fiona learns will take lots of patience and understanding. Fiona is still too afraid to go into her foster parents kitchen and therefore, currently eats her meals on her safe spot, the couch.
In her past life, Fiona was afraid of men, but in a a short time, has learned her foster dad is not going to hurt her and can be trusted. Fiona so wants to be loved and to feel safe. Fiona is afraid of sudden movements and loud noises. If you have had experience with puppy mill dogs or fearful dogs and have questions or are interested in adopted little Fiona, you can contact her foster parents.



Fiona was lovingly fostered by Carey