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Finn has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Sierra Hewson from her Save Me family



Welcome to Canada Finn!

This lovely little beagle boy has clearly had a hard knock life. Finn is from Tennessee where he was found a stray, neglected and extremely underweight. The story of Finns’ early life remains a mystery. Best to leave it unsolved, as the future looks bright for this sweetheart. Finn is now in great health. He’s been fully vetted and close to an ideal weight.

When Finn arrived to his foster home, he was uncertain and apprehensive to new surroundings. Such a timid boy. He did however warm right up to his foster brother. Finn loves having a beagle bud to chum with, share toys and wrestle around with. Finn enjoys being in a secure yard where he can trot around, explore and have a snooze in the sun. Being your typical beagle his sniffer is in control. Is that a bunny in the yard? Are those scrambled eggs cooking? Prey and food motivated is a given for a hound. Finn has not been crated in his foster home. When left alone, he has been a gentleman and non destructive. Not to guarantee he’ll pull something unpredictable. Finn is learning by example from his foster bro. Like…”Finn! Don’t even think of eating a shoe or getting into the garbage. Leave the baseboards alone! Not cool. We have our own toys to chew on and a playroom to trash!” Finn would be fine with run of the house if another dog could be his mentor and show him the ropes.

Although Finn Is gradually coming out of his shell, he still has some displacement and trust issues. Small energetic children is not an ideal fit. Kids that are at a mature age to understand what a rescue dog is all about is. Finn is used to a low key home. He loves little comfy nooks and snuggling spots. Despite Finns’ separation anxiety he is becoming more confident every day. It’s baby steps. He will need a family that will be patient and understand that Finn may fall back into his old timid self and have to adjust all over again.

This smart handsome boy is ready.

Finn was lovingly fostered by Nicole S.