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Fernanda has been adopted.


Fernanda has arrived!  She is stunning and sweet and full of love!  What more could you ask for? She has arrived at her foster home in Canada, after traveling from Mexico.  She was a shelter favourite, and was soon spending time in her Mexico foster home, being cared for by the shelter vet, her parents and a few housecats, until they could find her a spot with Save Me Rescue.

Now, in her Canadian foster home, Fernanda is very happy to be Canadian, but not so sure about the snow!  She is fine with the cold, but just hasn’t figured out the rest yet.  She is fully housetrained, and sleeps through the night crated.  Once she gets used to her foster family routine, it’s unlikely that a crate will be needed.  She loves to play – she was initially nervious of toys, but once she found the right toy bone, the dog toy basket was fair game!  Her trick is to stand on her back legs, so we are reinforcing “down” right now.  She likes to peek on counters, but this trick is mostly used to get more hugs from her people.  She is very gentle, and barely touches when standing.  She is a tad mouthy too – mostly in the form of kisses.  Lots and lots and lots of kisses.  Be ready!

Her best home would be one where she can get lots of play in.  Perhaps not young kids, but 10+ would be great.  She loves cats, dogs, kids.  She’s a smart girl.  We haven’t yet figured out what tricks she knows, but we think this is because we are speaking in English, and this girl is not yet fully bilingual. Welcome to Canada Fernanda!

For more information on Fernanda, please contact her foster mom Christine, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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