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Febe has been adopted

Sponsored by Mason. In celebration of his 3rd birthday, he requested donations in lieu of gifts so he could “save the puppies”.
Happy Birthday Mason!!


This beautiful little princess is Febe.  She can be timid with humans at first but warms up nicely and is super sweet and cuddly once she feels comfortable around you.

She is excellent on a leash and loves her walks through the neighborhood and understands the word “walk”.  She walks past people nicely with no fuss and gently meets all other dogs.

She is a playful girl that loves her toys and can entertain herself nicely.  She is always ready for a good game of tug and/or for a game of fetch.  After a good play, she is eager to sit/lay in your lap while you rub her belly and she gives you plenty of kisses….if you stop too soon, her little paw comes out to ask for more.

She seems to understand what ‘car rides’ are all about and jumps up in the passenger seat ready to go.  She has been cat tested and is not a cat chaser and could very easily coexist with a cat.

She spends time in her crate when her family is out.  She will whimper a little bit but settles quickly with a kong filled with treats.  She sleeps in her humans bed at night time, and has a great appetite; which will help with obedience training.

Febe would love to have a backyard of her own (even if it is small); or an active family that would be willing to walk her for bathroom breaks.  She is great with other dogs and would also enjoy a safe space to run and play with others her size.

Febe loves kids and gets very excited when she sees them.  She would do well with children over 14 (due to her small size and her timidness).

Lovingly fostered by Robin