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Fanny has been adopted!

Fanny is sponsored in loving memory of Sheila Brandl


Initial Impressions (from foster mom): Fanny is the happiest little girl I’ve ever seen. Her tail just never stops wagging and her energy is never ending. Despite the length of her legs, walking her I have to almost jog to keep up with her. She is super inquisitive and within the first ten minutes of her arrival last night she had checked out the entire house, including the inside of the shower and a peek into the toilet. She has made herself totally at home and loves the garden too. She had one accident last night but since then she has been fine. She is super smart, already after our second walk she knew which driveway was ours. She is a wonderful face washer and could literally lick one to death.

Fanny is a sweet girl who seems to like everyone, dogs, cats and kids too. She is just settling in to her new foster home and her bio will be updated once they get to know her a little better.