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Faith is adopted!

Faith/ Female/ Spayed/ Beagle/ 4 years old/ 23 pounds/Adoption fee is $400.00


FAITH playing a little ball  Click to see Faith in action

Faith was brought to our attention by a volunteer at one of the shelters we work closely with. They could see Faith was not doing well in the shelter environment and asked if we would take her into rescue, they knew that due to her being so shutdown the odds of her being adopted from the shelter were very low.

We quickly moved Faith into a foster home in Ohio until transport could be arranged. The first couple of days she was very shy and scared but slowly she began to come out of her shell. Within a week she was doing zoomies around the house with the other young dog in the home and was learning to play with toys. It was as if she was finally able to act like a dog, perhaps for the first time in her life!

If we were to guess, we would say that Faith is likely a failed hunting dog. Many of the beagles we take into our care have a similar story and it is amazing to see how quickly they adjust to living in a home. Faith is loving the luxuries of living inside and has discovered that toys are pretty much the best thing ever! She is also doing really well with her house training and general house manners.

She has a healthy appetite, walks well on a leash (with a harness), enjoys car rides, sleeps through the night on her large doggie bed, and is crate trained. She will easily go into her crate with a yummy treat thrown in first and she tends to be very quiet in there.

Due to a lack of socialization in her past, Faith often lacks confidence around other dogs and will require repeated positive experiences to get over this fear. She needs a confident handler who can work on building her confidence in and outside of the house. We will require that whoever adopts Faith take her for obedience training. It’s clear she did not get that opportunity and socialization as a puppy and we feel it’s critical for her confidence that she receives it as an adult. She is such a smart girl with so much potential and is growing daily under the care of her foster mom.

Faith seems to get along with cats; although she likes to chase them so we feel unless it is a particularly dog-savvy cat, a home without cats is best for Faith.

Faith absolutely adores her people and would love a home with a fully fenced in backyard and where she will receive 100% of the attention. It does not take a lot to win over Faith though, if you are willing to play catch with her you will be friends for life! She is such a lovable girl who is full of kisses and cuddles and we cannot wait to see her flourish in her forever home.

For more information on Faith, please contact her foster mom Robin at or visit our website at
Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!