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Everly has been adopted!

Sponsored in celebration of Nolan’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Nolan!



Everly is a female mix breed who is estimated to be around 1 year old from Northern Ontario. Everly has big dog looks but comes in a small package weighing approximately 30 pounds. She is as pretty as she is sweet. Everly makes bonds with humans quickly; she is most certainly looking for her forever family and will be extremely loyal to them. While, Everly is good and gets along with other dogs in a play setting she would be best suited as the only dog in the family as she shows some signs of possessive behaviour, when another dog is cuddling her human. Everly has not been kid or cat tested.

Everly is very smart and was very quick to learn her sit command. Everly, like all dogs would benefit from training but is food motivated which makes her a quick study. Everly is house trained however, we are still working on house manners as she likes to put her paws on the counter to see what you are doing; she wants to be your best friend and do what you are doing. Everly is getting used to her crate but still cries when she first goes in because she rather be snuggled up to you in bed!

Everly LOVES to cuddle. She is getting the hang of playing with a ball, we are working on the “bring it back” part of fetch. Everly is believed to be medium energy, she loves a good outing but will often walk into her crate for a nap or snuggle up to you for a snooze.

Everly will make a fantastic companion for someone looking for a loyal best friend!

Everly was lovingly fostered by Carolyn