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Eugene has been adopted.


Eugene is a 10 year old Silky Terrier; who is friendly towards people, dogs and cats. He is not looking to play with them but he enjoys their company and likes to be part of the pack. He is a bit shy with us still as he is new to the house but in the evening he jumps up on the couch to cuddle once he is sure we are going to stay put. I feel Eugene would prefer a house with no children or at least older children. He startles with quick movements and loud noises. He seems to want to trust us and will come back slowly if we have accidentally scared him away.

Eugene loves to go out for walks. His personality completely changes when you put on the harness and open the front door. He walks well on the leash and a few times we have gone on extended walks in the nice weather and he definitely has stamina. I think he would just keep walking if I didn’t tire out and head home. Even though being outside on a walk is great, he does not like to be just left outside in the yard. He will go out to do his business then wants back inside right away. He is not a very big dog so I don’t think he should be left outside alone anyway. Because he does get scared with loud noises, I get the feeling he would be a runner if given the chance.

We are working on his housetraining. It is coming along nicely as he so wants to please us. He doesn’t really tell you he needs to go out but you can sense as to when he needs to. He starts moving around much quicker than his usual, casual style. He has been clean in his crate at night. He is an early riser and is ready to get outside to do his business when the sun comes up.

Eugene eats very well; I would say he’s food motivated; so teaching him some basic commands and new tricks is going well. We have been working on having him take treats more gently. He is such a smart boy. He is also working on the ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ commands.

He is a pretty quiet little guy. We have not heard much barking from him. A few barks when somebody came to the front door and once he barked just because the dogs outside in the yard were barking. Otherwise he is just a chill little dude who likes to be part of the family and is happy with a scratch behind his ears and a belly rub. Eugene would make a great addition to your house if you are looking for a loving, loyal companion and have a desire to continue to help him learn what being a valued member of family feels like.

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