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Ethel has been adopted

Ethel was thoughtfully sponsored by Ron F.



Little Ethel is  10 lb, 6 year old Yorkie.   She has arrived at our home after a spending most of her life as a puppy mill breeder.

There are so many new experiences for Ethel to enjoy and she is adapting to family life so well! She is happy to be rid of the crate she spent so long in. She does not enjoy being crated at all now. Instead she much prefers to nights tucked in close beside her foster mom.

Ethel gets along well with her foster fur siblings and would do best in a home with another dog to learn what her new life is all about. Her foster mom feels that kids would be too overwhelming at this point in her life as she is still a little nervous of people and sudden movements.

She is  learning to do her business outside,  as she was never house trained. This requires some patience as the yard is a place of many new smells and distractions. Once she has had a wander and a good smell, she will do her jobs and is ready to head back in.  Her foster family is working hard to teach her to go outside and feel once she  get a routine, she will be just fine because she is already holding it over night. Her ideal home would have a fenced yard so she can explore her surroundings safely.

She has no leash training and the city noises are a bit much for her, another reason why having a fenced yard is necessary.

She needs a lot of love and patience as she learns to rust humans at her own pace.  She is quite the little lap dog now that she is comfortable with her foster mom! She also seems to enjoy car rides! Ethel would be looking for someone who is home most of the time as she is not happy in a crate and needs to be let out often as she learns her house training.

Ethel was lovingly fostered by Uyen