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Ernie has been adopted!

Ernie the beagle is sponsored by his foster mom in honour of his foster fur sister Maggie’s adoptiversery.​


Ernie is a sweet and gentle beagle boy who desperately wants to love and trust people and is just learning how.  In the last few days Ernie has amazed his foster mom with his eagerness to go outside his comfort zone and the daily growth in his confidence.  Ernie’s new family will have the privilege of watching him grow on a daily basis as he learns how to be a dog.
We are not sure about Ernies past, but do know that what ever he has been through must have been very scary for him.  Ernie would benefit from having a confident fur sibling in his future home to show him the ropes.  He has very recently  learned how to walk on a leash and thoroughly enjoys his daily walks and taking in all the smells of the neighborhood.  True to the beagle breed Ernie is curious in nature and loves to follow his nose, this often gets in the way of his shyness as he loves to explore.  Ernie is house trained and crate trained and has not had any accidents in his foster home to date.  Ernie is currently being fostered in a town-home and is doing very well in this environment.
Although Ernie is shy of his foster mom approaching him, his confidence is growing daily and he greets her will tail wags and full bum wiggles.  He is fine with being picked up and pet even though he is shy. Ernie likes to approach his foster mom on his own terms frequently and will lick her feet or rest his head next to her on the couch to show her that his confidence is growing and he is thinking of her.  He follows her from room to room and is always curious about what she is doing.  Ernie has met the cat in his foster home and was very excited at the possibility of a fur friend, he followed her around the house and was very curious but gentle at the same time.  Ernie would be fine in a home with a dog savvy cat that would want to be his friend.
More then anything is the world right now, Ernie adores his toys.  He loves to toss them up in the air and pounce on them over and over again, although his life has been difficult it is clear that he has some experience playing with toys.
The lucky family that adopts Ernie will have the privilege of witnessing this amazing boy grow and experience the world around him.  In a very short time his foster mom has thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow on a daily basis and cannot wait to see how his story unfolds.


Ernie was lovingly fostered by Alissa J.