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Erma has been adopted!

Erma is sponsored by Ben T. 


Erma is a shy little Maltese who spent several weeks on the run before animal control was able to catch her. She’s quick and will require an experienced dog owner to keep an eye on her until she learns where her “home” is and gains some trust in her humans.
This girl has the most adorable ears, and sweetest little face. She’s a little one, weighing only 10 lbs. She has a great appetite and is quiet around the house, even when the other dogs are barking. She knows some commands, such as No, Down, Supper, Let’s Go Outside. She has a medium energy level and loves to climb onto the backs of furniture to get the best views, and explore around the house.
She is a bit leery of human hands, so she needs patience to trust that she will not be hurt. She loves to come up close next to you and roll over for a belly rub, but if you try to pick her up she will take off. This will just take patience for her to understand that she will not be rushed or hurt, slow and steady movements will show her that she will be safe and loved. For this reason, we feel Erma would do best in a home without small children.
Erma is totally house trained and even asks to go out…and she loves to eat ! She gets along with the other dogs, but we feel she would do better as an only pet because she can be jealous of other dogs coming close to her when she is near her foster mom. She will chase them away.
Erma doesn’t seem bothered by a leash, but given that she is still a flight risk, she has not been walked outside the yard yet. We feel it would be best to build up trust and teach her she’s in no danger before taking her outside the yard. Her yard will need to be fenced and secure as she is small and fast when she wants to run.
Erma was lovingly fostered by Janet