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Emmie has been adopted.

Meet Emmie! This adorable 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier was found as a stray and turned into the shelter. Despite her hardships, she is absolutely lovely. This little lady is is an absolute joy to be around! She is extremely affectionate, adores her people and has a wonderful smile! Emmie has a great appetite but requires small kibble due to her size.

Emmie can be crated for long periods of time and will not fuss but does not need to be crated during the day as she is non-destructive. It is clear to her foster mama that at one point in her life, Emmie was a very cherished member of his home. (Much like she is in foster care!)

Emmie is currently living with two other (standard sized) pomeranians and numerous cats, as well as her foster brother Hunter. She has done very well with playing with the more active and playful of her canine brothers, Rex (formerly Tigger, a Save Me Rescue alum) and they can often be found sharing a bed, a water dish and generally spooning and making out (hehe.) With her other brother Buddy who needs more space, Emmie has picked up on this and does not seem to bother with him at all.

With her feline siblings, Emmie is very much the same. Some of the cats in her foster home are very receptive to dogs and will also share a bed with her and snuggle when it’s time to go to sleep. With these cats, Emmie is fabulous! They will often sniff each other’s faces and bums, and she will not chase them.

Though Emmie is very little, she is able to jump onto the couches and her mama’s (pretty tall) bed with ease! It’s truly a sight to see, and her foster mom is convinced that she must have springs in those tiny legs of hers. Emmie does very well in the car, choosing her passengers lap and does not move until he has arrived at her destination, usually choosing to fall aslseep. She does very well on a leash and does not mind being carried, she actually prefers it!

If she could, Emmie would spend her entire day (and life, really) snuggling with her humans on the couch while they read her a book! At night, Emmie seeks comfort and will often sleep on one of the few dog beds spread out throughout the home. On occasion, her foster mom has fallen asleep with Emmie on her own bed while watching a film and she slept all the way through until morning without making a peep.

Emmie is a true creature of comfort, will often seek out the most cozy place in the home and would do well in a home where she can spend her days snuggled up by a fireplace, watching television. While she is initially a tad shy of strangers, Emmie has an extremely endearing sense of loyalty and quickly becomes the master of kisses, and will kiss just about anyone looking to give her some love ever so delicately on their nose.

Currently, Emmie appears to be house-broken in terms of behavioural training, however does seem to have a medical issue at this time resulting in some incontinence. While we have not noticed any deliberate potty issues indoors, there does seem to be something causing Emmie to have the occasional unintentional accidents after drinking water. While she does not leave a pee puddle on the floor, she does seem to “leak” a bit of a tinkle trail behind her when running or jumping in the home. She does not have these accidents when excited, but rather out of the blue.

We have taken Emmie to our vet to try and figure out the root cause of this issue, however in the meantime have outfitted her in a washable diaper to prevent the accidents from leaving a mark in her home. She has no qualms with wearing the diaper but her foster mom does let her take it off once she comes home from work as we do not want to give her a urine rash. The accidents themselves are actually quite manageable due to her size, and each drop of the 10 drop trail is only about the size of a pea. It almost has the same effect as when a dog dribbles from their beard after drinking water.

Once we have heard back from our vet with the results of Emmie’s urinalysis, we will update this space. For the time being, the accidents are simply wiped up with a Clorox wipe. That said, she is not using puppy training pads as she does know to use the bathroom outdoors, and will when she has the option so we do not want to encourage her to potty indoors.

Emmie’s foster family is completely smitten with their little princess, and are sorely tempted to make her a permanent fixture to their home! This said, they are willing to give her a chance to move forward so that they may save the lives of other dogs in need. Because Emmie is considered an adult dog, her adoption fee is $375, however any amount surpassing $375 will be gladly accepted.

For more information on Emmie, please contact her foster mom Bianca, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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