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Emmeline has been adopted!

Sponsored by Andrew K., sending Valentine greetings out to Michelle. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Emmeline found herself lost in Kentucky and ended up at a shelter there. Unfortunately no one came to claim her and she was without a home. We are not sure how someone would not have missed her.

Fun loving and adorable describes Emmeline to a ‘T’.

Emmeline is quite active and playful, sociable and loving. She is very bright and good with everyone in her foster family as well with strangers she meets. She likes to make the rounds and visit with every member of the family including the 12 year old in her human foster family. She loves her squeaky toys and is found running around the house with them. When she is tired she loves cuddling on your lap. She gets along well with other dogs and reads them quite well indicating she has grown up with them. Her foster family says she would love a canine sibling that would play with her. Due to the nature of her breed, small animals may be an issue for her. She is highly keen on the squirrels and rabbits in the yard. We do not have any information on whether cats would be a concern.

Emmeline is house trained but may have some accidents when overly excited. Initially she may bark or whine when left alone or put in a crate but she settles quickly and falls asleep. She would be a great family dog but would do best in a home where children are 8 and older due to her size and activity level. She loves her walks and would benefit with a little more leash training. Since she does have a strong prey drive a fenced yard is recommended. She would make a great agility companion.

Lovingly fostered by Karyn