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Elvis has been adopted!


Sponsored by Janet S, in honour of her sweet senior rescue boy Joey


Hi! My name is Elvis. As my name suggests, I am a hunka hunka burnin’ love! I came into the shelter a matted mess, but now I’m such a soft, fluffy white furball that my foster mama can’t stop petting me. She tells me I’m the sweetest, easiest pooch to have around, and she “can’t help falling in love” with me! I get along great with my big furry foster brother and get along with cats too. I like to spend my days going for short walks, playing with toys, and snuggling up for cozy naps on the couch. I don’t make much noise and pretty much only whine when I need to go outside, am hungry, or want up in the big bed! I’m fully housetrained but definitely win the award for the LONGEST pee’er ever! I can be trusted alone in the house without destroying anything too. I’m looking for a home that’s calm, that’s going to spoil me with toys and cuddles, and who’s going to let me sleep in their bed with them! My only flaws are minor – I don’t know basic commands like “sit”, watch you intently while you eat any food, and am a bit grabby when it comes to treats, but can you blame me? Treats are delicious!! If you sound like a match for me, shoot my foster mom an email or submit an application. Looking forward to hearing from you and finding my perfect forever home!

Elvis was lovingly fostered by Stephanie