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Elsa has been adopted!

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Hello my name is Elsa Dutton , but I go by Elsa.

I was found as a stray in Kentucky and unfortunately got injured but am on the road to recovery (see the below for more information on my injury) . My leg is better, and I can fully use it again. I am able to run, jump and play again, although I am still very carful as I want to make sure it fully heals.

I am about 8 months old and am a mixed dog. My foster mom has been trying to figure out what I am but my records say I am a Terrier mix. I am brindle in color and have brown eyes. They think I am about to be about 25-30lbs when I am all grown up.

I have been with my foster family for 2 months while I recovered, and they tell me how sweet I am and how they love that I cuddle. I have been created before and did not like it as I prefer to be with my foster family. I love to give lots of kisses and get super excited when my family comes home. I do not show any signs of separation anxiety or food aggression. While I was recovering and as not allowed to exercise, and get board which caused me to get into some trouble by tearing up tissue boxes and toilet paper, but having walks now I am so much better.

I am looking for a family who is active, likes to go for long walks and play. Because I am a puppy I have a lot of energy and walks help me be a good girl. I like to go on leash walks and stay right by my human, foster mom says I walk like a good girl. I would love to be with a family who works from home as this is what I know. I know my name well and have amazing recall, I can sit, and I’ve almost mastered lie down. We are working on leave it and back up and stay and down.

In my house I have foster brothers and sisters to play with which I get along with very well. In my new home I think I would like a medium to large size dog that can teach me the way.

I also have foster cats which I like to chase and bark at, its fun to chase them but I don’t think they like it. While I don’t hurt them, sometimes I can be too much for them. I also have children at home, and while I love playing with them sometimes, I can get a little rough. I think children ages 8+ would be best so they understand that I am still a puppy and when I play, I can nip by accident.

I am really excited to start me new life and I hope I can find a loving home that will allow me to let it go and start my adventures in the unknown!


Elsa was found as a stray in Kentucky with very evident trauma. It is assumed she was hit by a car and she had a fractured pelvis and was not using one of her legs. This sweet girl was seen by the orthopaedic specialist we are fortunate to work with. Dr. Levy recommend strict rest and felt that she would heal well. To see Elsa now, you would never believe she is the same dog who first came into rescue. Elsa has regained full use of her leg and she is an active and completely mobile girl.

Elsa had a repeat set of x-rays done, during her recent spay. She has healed beautifully and exceeded expectations.