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Elphaba is adopted!

Elphaba / Female / Tibetan Spaniel Mix / 5-6 Years old / 11 pounds / Adoption Fee is $400.00
Elphaba’s pull fee has been sponsored by Hewon Y, in loving memory of his faithful companion Stratton

Elphaba ( or Elphie for short) is the sweetest! This little girl is going to make a lucky family very very happy. She warms up to people easily and loves the company of other small dogs with similar energy to her. Elphaba seems to mirror the energy of his favourite people and if you are ready for a walk, she is an enthusiastic participant, but if you are relaxing around the house he is happy to do that as well. Because of her short little snout, Elphie can be sensitive to the heat and during warmer weather enjoys short walks, with lots of time for a good roll in the grass. Elphaba is a wonderful age as she has lots of energy and enthusiasm but is very well behaved in the home.

Elphaba has introduced herself to the resident cat in her foster home, who is about the same size as her. Elphaba was very excited at the idea of another dog friend but respectful when the cat asked for space. Elphaba would be fine sharing a home with other dogs or living as an only pet

It is clear that at some point in Elphaba’s life, she was very loved by someone, she is trusting, affectionate, adaptable and very well behaved in the home. Elphaba is a moderate to low energy girl, who loves to go for walks but also enjoys relaxing around the house and showing off her expert cuddling skills . Her new owners will be gaining a furry shadow and very best friend. Elphaba loves to follow her foster mom around the house and be an active participant in whatever she is doing. She has a wonderful smile, adorable underbite and a tail that is always wagging. Elphaba seems to have a low shedding coat .

Currently Elphaba is being fostered in a condo setting and enjoys getting multiple walks a day. Elphaba does not enjoy being left alone and will cry and howl when she is left. Condo dwellers that are applying for her should be prepared to work on building her confidence when she is left alone and have neighbours that can be patient and understanding while she is adjusting to her new life.

Elphaba’s foster mom has fallen completely head over heels in love with this very sweet girl and knows that a wonderful family is out there for her that will give her as much love and attention as she is prepared to give them. Elphie is soo ready to start her new life and fall in love with her new family.

For more information on Elphana please contact her foster mom Alissa at

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