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Ellie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Morty Horowitz by the Brodsky family. May his memory always be a blessing.



Ellie is a quiet and independent girl who is looking for calm quiet home. Her fur is cut quite short at this time, but she will have a beautiful coat of white and light brown as it grows out.

Ellie’s owner passed away and it’s clear that she was a wonderful little companion to that person. Ellie loves to follow her people around, gets excited when they come home and loves meal time. She enjoys curling up beside her person for naps and belly rubs. She loves to explore the yard and roll around in the grass.

Her ideal home would be similar to where she came from, older person(s), quiet and calm home and someone who is looking for a companion rather then a cuddle dog. Ellie isn’t crazy about being picked up, she’s rather be lead by leash or left to wander and be free to choose where she goes. She would not do well living with small children, simply because she does not like being picked up or poked at. Respectful visitors would be fine.

She’s good on a leash, good in the car. She’s quiet and curious and likes to be near to her people while they’re moving about the house or yard.

She currently lives with other dogs and a cat. She prefers older dogs that will exist with her, but not pester her. She can be playful with other dogs, but doesn’t like a lot of extra energy focused on her. She ignores the cat.

She’s is a wonderful girl and will excel in a calm home and with familiar routines.

Ellie was lovingly fostered by Colleen