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Ellie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Shania, thank you Dr. Kadri and team for all you dedication and for caring for Shania.



Ellie is a sweet girl with a few issues that she will over come with time, patience and lots of love. She is fearful of new people, especially men. She will bark and growl when she meets someone she does not know. Ellie is not 100% house trained, but she is learning. She is also fearful of water, as she was found in a river that she could not get out of.

She is good with kids and loves to play. Ellie loves to chew, but as long as she is provided with lots of her own chew toys, she will not bother anything else in the house. She is good with dogs her own size once she gets to know them. Upon first meeting them, she is fearful and again will bark and growl. Ellie does have some separation anxiety. She will bark when left alone. This is again, something her foster mom is working on with her.

Ellie loves car rides and walks. She sleeps with her foster mom, or in a bed on the floor beside her foster mom.

Once Ellie is comfortable with you, she will be all over you trying to give kisses and be close. Ellie is a good eater and is learning a couple tricks with the encouragement of her treats.

Ellie just had surgery removing four stubborn baby teeth and to repair a hernia. She came thru the surgery with no issues at all. Do you think you could provide a forever home for Ellie that will help 0501her to continue to learn and be a happy dog?

Ellie was lovingly fostered by Carey